Adrenaline park is designed for everyone and is conceived as an excursion destination for different age groups, from children to retirees, families, schools (open classroom), companies (incentives and teambuilding), associations and groups with special interests (exercise grounds, open-air meetings, bachelor/bachelorette or birthday parties). There is no need to be particularly physically fit to visit and participate in the park's offer.

The adrenaline park concept is based on platforms on trees that are interconnected by various obstacles and elements, and are at different heights that the user strives to overcome, depending on their physical and psychomotor ability.

A qualified team of licensed instructors is available at any time. For each activity the participant is given the special safety equipment in accordance with the European standards.

In the pine forest, just 40 minutes’ drive from Split, in Dalmatian hinterland, hidden under the thick treetops of centuries-old pine trees, the adrenaline park "F-62" is located. It lies at a height level between 1 - 5 meters with incline among elements and exercises for a different difficulty level. The park consists of 5 different elements at different heights and difficulty level. The adrenaline park has all the safety certificates needed to carry out activities.

If you want to check your physical readiness, join us every day, with prior announcement (24 hours in advance).

Park operates from March 1, 2019, with prior reservation of time slot at the promo price of 100,00 HRK per person. Possibility for a meal supplement following the activity.